our vision

natural idées, is a connected architecture design agency. The agency designs buildings natively integrating digital applications and renewable energy solutions

Our offer

We create a connected architecture that favors the self-production of energy

Residence Design

Making available our connected technology to individuals. The garden shed becomes source of energy and producer of services.

Modular Design

Creation and deployment of connected modules and services for your ephemeral places and events.

Customized Design

Creation of building plans, and definition of digital services on a usage scenario induced by occupants and future visitors.

Our creations

Discover our creations, all modular, connected and energy-producing

Residence Design

Wooden shelters gardens, energy producers and service generator for individuals, condominiums or the collective and public gardens

Modular Design

Connected modules and equiped with solar panels for marketing spaces or events

Customized Design

Creating unique space, feasibility study or project management assitant

natural idées, is

Co Founders

Our team

Each in our own way, we are confident that we can make the world a little better

Franck, Cofounder & CEO
Digital Specialist

Vincent, Cofounder & COO

Florian, Cofounder, CTO
R&D, systems creation

The blog

We share with you our findings

natural idées fait peau neuve

Ville intelligente synonyme de ville de services

Le quick-build projects, l’aménagement éclair des villes

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For more information about natural idées,

  • 26 rue de Bône 92160 Antony - France
  • Phone: +33 6 10 35 63 68
  • dialogue@naturalidees.com
  • @naturalidees

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